Every house needs a good foundation and infrastructure. In maintenance, this means that the work process must be in order. What makes the work process coherent?

Solid work order as a foundation

The work order is the main source that supports the maintenance process from start to finish, regardless of whether it is planned or unplanned maintenance. The order must be properly prepared in advance:
the necessary materials are present, the correct safety measures have been taken and the technicians with the right skills are assigned.

Seamless integration with other domains

A work order process must run smoothly during maintenance. Flawless integration with other processes is important, and purchasing processes must be supported to manage subcontractors. Stock management for spare parts is important to support MRP processes. And ultimately, it is also necessary to have maintenance costs immediately visible.
Ideo provides control

Ideo employs the ERP concept

We have been implementing maintenance and asset processes for our customers for years based on the ERP concept. We have built up in-depth knowledge of the best practices and all variants thereof. This enables us to create the best process for you.

Advantages / highlights

Fast turnaround time for maintenance with a high first-time-fix rate
Seamless integration with purchasing, logistics, HR and finance
Insights into asset life cycle costs


  • Work preparers
  • Planners
  • Controllers
  • Purchasers

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