Vitens Grid Operation and Supply has successfully gone live with a mobile app for their mechanics. Thanks to the new work order management application job satisfaction has gone up, the 180 mechanics are much more effective, and data quality has improved.

About Vitens Grid Operation and Supply

Water company Vitens extracts, purifies, and supplies drinking water. The water company is the biggest in The Netherlands and supplies top quality drinking water to over 5.6 million clients in Friesland, Overijsel, Flevoland, Gelderland, and Utrecht. Vitens manages a vast water network, which is maintained by the department Grid Operation and Supply. If a malfunction occurs somewhere, this department makes sure the problem is solved. Besides this, the Grid Operation and Supply mechanics tend to diverse maintenance and inspection work. SAP CRM plays a central role in that process.

Water company Vitens increases the frequency of visits by their inspectors and has all their employees work more efficiently by switching to Ideo Mobile Forms.

The new work order management system allows the 180 mechanics to be much more efficient and increases data quality. The mechanics are pleased with the user friendly screens and can directly access the Vitens network.

The Challenge

The goal of the “Work Order Management” project is producing a user friendly and integrated mobile solution based on the latest SAP technology, which supports the mechanic in carrying out and registering all daily activities.

Before the new application was introduced mechanics had to fill in many separate forms in MS Excel. After having entered the data in MS Excel, the result of the completed forms had to be copied and pasted to their Vitens Mobile System, which was the SAP mobile application linked to SAP CRM service and the application had meanwhile gone out-of-maintenance. In changing the way of working and offering an integrated solution utilising digital forms not only the administrative burden has decreased, but job satisfaction has increased. Mechanics do not want to deal with the administrative rigmarole, but would rather spend their time repairing malfunctions and helping customers.

Lowering the administrative burden eventually has to ensure that mechanics will be able to carry out more work themselves, which means outsourcing work decreases.

Ideo comprehends our processes and understands how our mechanics like to work.

Erwin Geys – Vitens

Chosen Solution

The Vitens mechanics now work with a mobile solution based on Ideo Mobile Forms, which runs on the SAP Mobile Platform. Erwin Geys, expert in the field of Mobile Workforce Management solutions, indicates that Ideo’s solution differentiates itself in the seamless integration with SAP CRM and the level of adaptability of the mechanic’s process.

The screens have been developed in collaboration with the mechanics keeping in mind their individual processes. Furthermore, Erwin Geys indicates that Ideo differentiates itself as they are acquainted with the processes of the water companies through and through and in understanding the mechanic.

In utilising this new work order management solution, the 180 Vitens mechanics have gained direct insight into their work load through a calendar and worksheet and always have access to the detail data related to the work order. The required administration can be taken care of completely offline on a mobile device, even on locations without internet access. This way work orders are made accessible with SAP CRM and the mechanic reports the recorded data through the application back to SAP CRM. The new solution based on Ideo Mobile Forms allow not only the work orders to be made accessible, but also time reservations for preventative maintenance and all forms can be completed digitally, which means a lot of data can be automatically carried over from the order making manual copying and pasting a thing of the past. The new application is all about the mechanic and this shows in the accessible and user friendly screens and a decrease in the administrative burden as a lot of data is automatically assessed based on known data from SAP or can be entered automatically based previously entered data. When a mechanic presses start and then stop this results not only in an update in the plan board and a change in status, but also in booked time.

Ideo showed us a solution which seamlessly integrated with SAP CRM.

Erwin Geys – Vitens

The implementation was accomplished in phases and the users were closely involved in every phase. The screens were designed in collaborations with the users based on ‘people oriented screen design’. Here the mechanic and the mechanic’s process are key.

The fact that the functionalities were realised in different small releases ensured that something was continually fed back into the company and thus progress was clearly visible. Users could immediately test released functionalities. Thus any feedback and points for improvement could be incorporated in the next release. The key to the success of this project was the apparent simplicity of the application and the utilisation of tried and tested SAP and Ideo products. Vitens clearly envisioned what the requirements were and Ideo was perfectly able to translate this into user friendly screens. This is reflected in the limited number of adjustments to the design that needed to be made during the project.

The key to the success in this project was the apparent simplicity of the application!

Rob Betrams – Project Manager Ideo

Result and Advantages

  • Mechanics enjoy their work more as a result of more convenient ways of working through a streamlined work process and user friendly screens, designed in accordance with the guidelines of ‘people oriented design’.
  • Vitens improves customer service through this integrated application, among other things with email confirmations of digital forms.
  • IT risks have decreased as a result of the utilisation of the robust SAP software and new mobile devices.
  • A robust platform for working offline, suitable for large amounts of data with quick and efficient data exchange.
  • Security and peace of mind thanks to Ideo, where it concerns the underlying SAP technology.


Client: Vitens

Number of mobile users: 180

Utilised Solutions:

  • Ideo Mobile Forms (MF)
  • Ideo Mobile Service & Asset management (MSA)
  • SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)
  • SAP CRM service


  • Three releases
  • Total project lead time: Nine months

(Video in Dutch)

You can read more about this in the following reference:
Article VNSG Magazine March 2016


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