Improve and change projects can arise from a business strategy based on tactical level or through operational goals. We pay attention to the long-term, yearly, and operational goals using quantifiable indicators or a combination thereof.  The question: “What do we want to achieve?” is often clear, but the “How can we get there?” often needs more clarity or is missing. “How” can be translated into process adaptations or improvements, but can also result in a change of process support tool. In this Business and IT should be brought closer together. Something which is vital in carrying out innovations and thus important for the continuity of your company.

Specifically, this entails that your organisation might want to go from reactively planned maintenance to proactive relational maintenance within 5 years and achieve this in small manageable steps. This has a major impact on maintenance and any related processes, which also effects future requirements for process support tooling.

Another example can be the simplification of the corrective maintenance process from it being reported to invoicing, making sure an engineer can spend more of his attention on his primary activities.

It is important to jointly decide a point of origin. It must be clear how the process manifests within your organisation, in which direction your organisation wants to take the process, and how you want to achieve this.

To us it’s important not to think in solutions and tools right off the bat, but to take time for the process, the requirements, and the people. These kinds of improve and change projects set a lot in motion and deserve the necessary attention and structure. A widely used method is a brown-paper session (Value Stream Mapping). In this method your own employees map the process through the usage of post-it’s, increasing commitment and creating new insights.

Employing Ideo Business Consultancy

Our Business Consultants can support, train, and advise your employees in improve and change projects at the beginning of a strategic target, with the selection of a solution (when requirements are already clear), and during the implementation as a representative of the business. Ultimately, it will be made quantifiable if and to what degree the Business Case was achieved. We can help you with your improve and change project:


In adopting any of the specified methods within your company the following advantages will be noted:

  • More satisfaction from Business
  • Optimal support by IT
  • A change in culture due to continuous improvements
  • IT results become visible and quantifiable

Could you use help?

Is your company at the beginning of this, in our opinion inevitable, revolution or are you well on your way and could you use some help in this area? Ideo is there for you.

Never start an IT project without a solid Business Case

The day-to-day practice has made us aware that business is sometimes disappointed in the results of an IT project. Multiple factors can have a hand in that.

A good Business Case is a job half done!