Specialized SAP Service & Maintenance in the Process Industry

Your assets need to accommodate constantly changing customer demands. You also want to set yourself apart through faster and better response to markets, as well as price developments and situations such as crises or armed conflicts. That makes digitization necessary, and data is your key to success in this area.

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Quality controls

Quality is under great pressure and safe monitoring and analysis are labor-intensive processes. Digitizing simple repetitive tasks means these no longer need to be carried out by your employees.

Data-driven maintenance

To ensure machines perform optimally and to avoid failures, you need insight into historical data. Physically collect data or connect it in a less labor-intensive way through integrations or IoT.

Less intensive

Insight into your assets is needed at every step. Scheduled verification points on assets and the end product are also necessary to keep scoring and prevent failures. Using new techniques such as AR and IoT makes labor inspections less intensive.

The successful application of new technologies requires long-term focus and knowledge of the market. The supply chain sector is also dealing with recent commodity crises, conflicts, and continuous pressure on performance. Long delivery times, production errors, and a lack of information are hitting organizations and consumers hard. What’s more, the scarcity of technical personnel is also a major challenge.


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Optimize today for success tomorrow

Optimizing processes requires a pragmatic approach. Our people improve your processes and make them agile for the future. Thanks to 25 years of experience in service & asset management, we now know how to optimize in a future-proof way.

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    SAP Asset Performance Management

    This solution helps utilities identify asset risks. Progress to predictive maintenance and long-term insights using methods for developing maintenance strategy, such as FMEA or RCM.

      SAP Service & Asset Manager

      This solution makes it easier to handle service and maintenance orders. The app, which also works offline, provides your employees with all relevant information for implementation and reporting. As a result, employees increase asset lifetimes and optimize the customer experience.

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