Efficient SAP Service & Maintenance in the Manufacturing Industry

You want to bring your (new) products to market as quickly as possible and shorten lead times. The primary process must also continuously support high-quality, high-volume production with (almost) no downtime. That’s why your machinery should perform optimally, and your service needs to bring a smile to customers’ faces.

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Operational excellence

Streamline processes and guarantee quality through a digital twin and methods such as Lean (Six Sigma). By focusing on the right data, your process remains agile, and you can continue to innovate.

Data driven maintenance

To make machines perform optimally and prevent failure, you need insight into historical data. Collect data physically using a mobile application or connect it in a less labor-intensive way via IoT.

Long-term focus and
knowledge of the market

Stay ahead of the competition and improve your processes by integrating and enriching data and deploying new technologies. This requires long-term focus and market knowledge.

The supply chain sector is also dealing with recent commodity crises, conflicts, and continuous pressure on performance. Long delivery times, production errors, and a lack of information are hitting organizations and consumers hard. What’s more, the scarcity of technical personnel is a major challenge.


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During the Quickscan we map out your current processes and future needs. This gives you quick insight into pain points and opportunities for improvement.

    SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM)

    The SAP Field Service Management (FSM) solution focuses on your entire service process: from customer contact to the handling of service and maintenance orders in the field. Increase efficiency, provide maximum support to your mechanic and go for optimal customer experience.

      Asset 360 Manager

      Assets are becoming increasingly complex and regulations are becoming stricter. You must therefore be able to fall back on an integrated asset solution that provides a complete overview of all important data relating to assets.

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