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Our people have been integrating solutions for optimizing service and maintenance processes into SAP for over 25 years. We’re always responding to major challenges and getting you ready for the future.

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At Ideo, we understand that optimizing your service and maintenance processes in SAP is essential to your success. Our people are ready to support you and get the most out of your SAP environment with selected SAP solutions.

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SAP S/4HANA, SAP’s latest platform, has proven itself a kickstarter for innovation. If you want to transform into an intelligent company that stays ahead of the competition, migrating to this solution is an important step.

SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)

Throughout the lifecycle of an asset, maintenance is an important phase, which requires considerable time. Manage this more easily with SAP Plant Maintenance (PM).

SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM)

The SAP Field Service Management (FSM) solution focuses on your entire service process: from customer contact to handling service and maintenance orders in the field. Increase efficiency, support technicians to the greatest extent possible, and realize optimal customer experiences.

SAP Service & Asset Manager (SSAM)

SAP Service & Asset Manager
Thanks to the SAP Service & Asset Manager (SSAM) app, you can more easily process service and maintenance jobs. The app, which also works offline, offers your employees all relevant information for implementation and reporting.

SAP Asset Performance Management (SAP APM)

With the SAP Asset Performance Management solution, you map the right balance between your assets’ performance, costs, and risks. Monitor the health of your assets through IoT data and gain more predictive insight using AI techniques. The solution integrates optimally with your EAM system.

SAP Geographical Enablement Framework (SAP GEF)

With the SAP Geographical Enablement Framework, you add an additional dimension to your data through geometry for more efficient work!

SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration (SAP BNAC)

With the SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration solution, you achieve more efficient collaboration around assets. Manage and share information in close collaboration with other teams, and together achieve better results.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management (SAP IAM)

With SAP Intelligent Asset Management (SAP IAM), you work smarter and more effectively on maintenance. Track assets in real-time (digital twin) and continuously enhance your maintenance strategy.

SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM)

With SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) you manage and maintain physical assets throughout the entire life cycle. The platform also supports you with planning, installation and maintenance of your assets.

SAP Multi Resource Scheduling (SAP MRS)

Efficient planning is essential for maintenance companies. The SAP Multi Resource Scheduling (MRS) solution is a classic planning board that allows you to schedule work around short-term personnel and material availability.

SAP S/4HANA Asset Management for Resource Scheduling (SAP RSH)

Efficient planning is essential for maintenance companies. It’s all about realizing the optimal balance between staffing and production. A visual representation of the workload is indispensable.

Augmented Reality TeamViewer Frontline

Harness the power of Augmented Reality (AR) for service and maintenance. TeamViewer Frontline is an AR solution for technicians.

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