SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration (SAP BNAC)

With the SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration solution, you achieve more efficient collaboration around assets. Manage and share information in close collaboration with other teams, and together achieve better results.

of this solution

Increase your uptime

Get assets up and running faster by improving information transfer during the commissioning phase. Also, increase uptime.

Improve service delivery

As an OEM or service company, you serve customers at lower costs. Additionally, you enable new business models such as Equipment as a Service (EaaS).

Work towards better outcomes

Manage and share knowledge and information about assets with other teams. Collaborate in this way to achieve better results together.

This solution allows the following employees to grow

Project managers

Asset Owners

Maintenance Engineers

Reliability Engineers

Service Engineers

Efficient collaboration around assets

By facilitating efficient information transfer during the commissioning phase, you can expedite asset deployment and enhance uptime. In addition to advanced technology, the solution also offers an intuitive user experience.

Furthermore, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and service companies can better serve their customers at reduced costs. Lastly, the solution provides opportunities for implementing new business models such as Equipment as a Service (EaaS).

The solution is part of SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

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SAP S/4HANA, SAP's latest platform, has proven itself a kickstarter for innovation. If you want to transform into an intelligent company that stays ahead of the competition, migrating to this solution is an important step.

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