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The challenge

KU Leuven has a significant amount of real estate and installations in use. These are maintained by an in-house facilities department of around 120 employees. To deploy these employees more efficiently and optimize preventive maintenance, there was a need for a scheduling package that seamlessly integrates with the existing SAP PM system in use.


“To deploy our facilities staff more efficiently, we needed a scheduling tool that could be integrated with SAP PM. Our consulting partner Flexso helped us by recommending Ideo as an expert in planning and SAP MRS. In close collaboration with KU Leuven, including key users and IT, Ideo, with their domain expertise, ensured that the implementation proceeded smoothly and seamlessly.”

Jeroen Evenepoel – Lead Project Analyst SAP Logistics

In close collaboration with KU Leuven, involving both key users and IT, Ideo ensured that the implementation proceeded smoothly and seamlessly, leveraging their necessary domain expertise.

Chosen solution


To gain more insight into daily planning and optimize the deployment of its facilities staff, KU Leuven has chosen SAP MRS as the solution. The latest version of SAP MRS with the newest functionalities was selected, running on the SAP HANA platform at KU Leuven.

Work order tasks defined in SAP PM flow into the work list in SAP MRS. Using the graphical planning board in SAP MRS, the planner can efficiently schedule the tasks of various departments within the facilities service.

Within the SAP MRS planning board, additional data such as building and room details are displayed for each task, utilizing Ideo products DATA+ and GUI+. Integrated with SAP R/3, the planner can easily check room availability with a single click or quickly open a work order.

Since the SAP HR setup did not initially transfer work schedules to SAP MRS, the decision was made to manage work schedule administration within the planning tool itself. Absence requests such as leave are managed via the intranet, integrated with SAP MRS to reflect absences directly on the SAP MRS planning board. Additionally, the Ideo product TS+ was employed for easy removal of absences.

The status of work orders in SAP MRS is displayed using color codes. Planners can also personalize and save their display settings, providing each planner with a clear overview of tasks based on their preferences and the functionality of SAP MRS, enabling adjustments as needed.



In collaboration with IT and key users at KU Leuven, a blueprint was created outlining the agreed-upon functionality, utilizing an Ideo SAP MRS system. Functionalities for the initial phase were determined, followed by those for a second phase.

The first phase involved basic setup of SAP MRS and went live with one team within KU Leuven’s facilities service. Subsequently, additional functionalities were implemented, and SAP MRS was further optimized based on user feedback and experiences.




  • Clear staff scheduling
  • Tasks and absences in one planning board
  • Work schedule management including standby duties
  • Monitoring of status using colors
  • Preparation for mobile work

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