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Brabant Water saves about 250,000 sheets of paper due to the utilisation of a paperless inspection process with SAP MRS planboard and SAP mobile.

About Brabant Water

Brabant Water extracts, purifies, transports, and supplies high quality drinking as well as industry water from 33 water production companies to over 2.4 million inhabitants and businesses in North Brabant. Brabant Water is a recognisable company with a service focused, open, businesslike, positive appearance. For Brabant Water client and the market are the most important.

The Challenge

Brabant Water is required by Law to periodically inspect its collective drinking water installations. This used to be a very time consuming process that involved a lot of paperwork and typing of handwritten forms. This is why the inspection process will be digitalised from appointment to the final report. Inspectors can take care of their inspections digitally and mobile with their on SAP and Sybase based solution. This enables them to work both more efficiently and more user-friendly. Brabant Water is focussed on increasing client satisfaction even more along with improving their internal processes.

The inspectors can carry out their activities more simply on their mobile devices and can send any gathered inspection data directly to the SAP back-end system.

Selected Solution

To achieve their goals Brabant Water equips its inspector with a user-friendly solution to ensure that when on location they can carry out their work digitally. The inspectors can carry out their activities more simply on their mobile devices and can send any gathered inspection data directly to the SAP back-end system.

The mobile field service application is based on standard SAP technology utilising the Sybase Unwired Platform and therefore seamlessly integrates with the existing SAP system. Inspectors can now work anywhere any time even if there is no Internet connection available. To improve internal processes even further SAP MRS is utilised, which allows Brabant Water to plan employee activities more efficiently as well as dealing with unforeseen situations more effectively.

Sybase technology immediately presents the assigned order on the inspector’s mobile device. After completion of the order the inspector can enter the inspection characteristics directly into his/her mobile device. Furthermore, it is also possible to directly report back the number of worked hours and used materials.

The new process invites the client to make an inspection appointment on the Brabant Water webportal, which is then planned with the correct inspector using SAP MRS. The SAP ERP system provides inspectors with work orders and inspections on his/her mobile SAP solution. As soon as the inspector opens the address to be visited a reminder appears for all devices and spaces that need to be inspected for that particular client. The inspector processes his/her findings on his/her tablet during the visit and directly emails a report including accompanying documentation. If necessary a new appointment is planned immediately with mutual agreement.

Brabant Water began with a pilot for 30 inspectors. After a successful pilot the mobile field service application will be rolled-out further within Brabant Water. Ideo has been selected by Brabant Water to implement the mobile SAP field service application, Sybase, and SAP MRS.

Result and Advantages

  • Tangible savings of costs: approximately 250,000 sheets of paper and three administrative employees.
  • Activities can be carried out more simply and the gathered inspection data can directly be reported back to the SAP back-end system.
  • Inspectors can work anywhere and any time even if there is no Internet connection available.
  • SAP MRS allows employees to be planned more efficiently and unforeseen situations can be dealt with more effectively.
  • Any assigned orders are directly visible on the inspector’s mobile device.
  • Client satisfaction is increased due to real-time insight into problems and solutions.


Cient: Brabant Water

Utilised Solutions:

  • Sybase Unwired Platform
  • SAP EAM WO or Mobile Field Service Application for SAP

Project lead time: The project was started in July 2011 and Brabant Water went live in the spring of 2012.



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