KU Leuven – Planning is complete and accessible due to the utilisation of SAP MRS.

About KU Leuven

Six centuries of history: From Erasmus’s teachings to innovative nanotechnology. Being one of the oldest universities of Europe, KU Leuven has a long tradition of ground-breaking scientific research and high quality education.

The Challenge

KU Leuven uses a significant amount of real estate and installations. These are maintained by a private facility management of approximately 120 employees. In order to utilise these employees more efficiently and to optimise preventative maintenance, a need had arisen for a planning package which seamlessly integrated with the currently utilised SAP PM system.

In order to utilise our facility employees more efficiently, we needed a planning tool which could be integrated with SAP PM. Our consultancy partner Flexso aided us in putting forward Ideo as an expert in the field of planning and SAP MRS. In close collaboration with KU Leuven, both key-users as well as IT – Ideo has brought about a smooth and amiable implementation as a result of the necessary domain expertise.

Jeroen Evenepoel – Lead Project Analyst SAP logistics

Chosen Solution

To gain more insight into the daily planning and in order to optimise the utilisation of facility employees, KU Leuven has chosen the SAP MRS solution. The latest version of SAP MRS including the newest functionalities, which runs on KU Leuven’s SAP HANA platform, were opted to bring this about.

Work orders defined by SAP PM flow through to the work order list in SAP MRS. Utilising the graphic plan board in SAP MRS allows a planner to efficiently plan the activities for multiple parts of facility management from this work order list.

In the SAP MRS plan board several complementing data are displayed for each activity, such a building and space, through the Ideo products DATA+ and GUI+. The integration with SAP R/3 allows a planner the possibility to check the availability of a space with just one mouse click or to swiftly open a work order.

The SAP HR layout had not been accommodated with a way of passing work rosters to SAP MRS and thus it was decided to make work roster management part of the planning tool. Requesting an application for leave, such as a paid leave, is handled through intranet. SAP MRS has been integrated with intranet, which allows absences to be directly included in the SAP MRS plan board. Furthermore, the Ideo product TS+ has been utilised to easily remove absences.

The state of work orders in SAP MRS is reflected based on colours. A planner can also personalise and save the setting presentation. This way every planner based on their personal settings and SAP MRS functionalities thus has a good overview of activities and can if need be adjusted.


In collaboration with both KU Leuven’s IT and key users a blue print was drawn up based on the agreed upon functionalities, utilising an Ideo SAP MRS system. After which it was decided which functionalities would be provided in the first phase and which in the second.

The first phase was made up of a basic layout of SAP MRS and thereafter went live for one team of KU Leuven’s facility management. After which the remaining functionalities were provided and SAP MRS was further optimised based on user experience.

Result and Advantages

  • An accessible personnel planning.
  • Activities and absences in one plan board.
  • Work roster management including on-call service.
  • Save guarding of status through the utilisation of colours.
  • A preparation for working on mobile devices.


Client: KU Leuven, put forward by Flexso.

Utilised Solutions:

  • SAP Plant Maintenance and Customer Service (PM / CS)
  • SAP Multi Resource Scheduling (MRS)
  • SAP Floor Plan Manager (FPM)
  • Ideo Data+ (Extra fields in MRS)
  • Ideo GUI+ (Revised text on plan board bar)
  • Ideo TS+ (Easy time allocation maintenance)

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