The project ‘Work Mobile’ allowed Pidpa to equip its external employees from three different branches with one mobile solution.

About Pidpa

Pidpa and water is a perfect combination. Pidpa is one of the biggest Flemish water companies with over 500.000 clients out off the nearly 1.2 million inhabitants of the province Antwerp. They are provided with delicious and pure drinking water from their taps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pidpa purifies more than 175 litres of groundwater into drinking water on a daily basis and delivers this drinking water to houses without loss of quality or interruption. To achieve this they count on an impressive infrastructure of 59 water towers, 26 extraction sites, and over 12.700 kilometres of pipe. These are all links in the chain of distribution that need to be maintained, renovated, and expanded.

Pidpa’s story does not end at the tap. Pidpa offers city councils a wide variety of options for sewer maintenance. Qualitatively sound maintenance of waste and rainwater to suit the specific city.

Pidpa is the partner to have where it concerns water. To emphasise this Pidpa has a wide range of water services at their disposal, such as consultancy, scientific and technological research, customer service, educational projects, and conservation of natural sources. This just shows that Pidpa has it all.

The Challenge

The project ’Work Mobile’ is focused on a solution for big and diverse user-groups:

  •  Every group has their own work process and consequently a diverse need for information.
  •  One group could have two work orders in a day whilst others may have more than twenty.
  •  Certain user-groups are already used to working with a mobile solution whilst others are not.
  •  The application is used for many different situations, such as doing site control, the preparation of activities, the construction of branches, carrying out repairs, or changing the water meters.
  •  Usergroup activities vary greatly. Some have to monitor and prepare work, but there are also groups that have to report repair work or take meter readings.
  •  It is a major challenge for an IT-organisation to choose and implement a stable solution for the future that seamlessly integrates with the SAP-system in an ever changing mobile world.

The implemented proven solution is technical, functional, and architecturally sound, which covers all of Pidpa’s wishes and demands to a tee.

Stefan Meys, Director finance, IT, and purchase for Pidpa


Selected Solution

Pidpa chose Ideo Mobile Service and Asset management based on SAP Mobile Platform. Employees are supported by intuitive screens they helped design in interactive UX-design workshops by Ideo, so they are fully up to date with the way they work.

Many IT-organisations are worried how to choose a smart and future ready solution with technology changing so quickly. Ideo takes Pidpa’s worries away by using a standard product Ideo MSA. Ideo MSA is based on the robust technology of the SAP Mobile Platform. The utilisation of a standard product allows Ideo to make Pidpa certain guarantees about the future stability of the solution and the underlying technical infrastructure.

The application provides a uniform process transaction and is simple to manage. Providing six different user-groups with one mobile application which supports all manner of processes and requirements.

The end-users have been a part of this process from the very beginning. The process of change that the end-users underwent got complete attention this way, came about very gradually, and was met with very little resistance. The result was that the work process was very recognisable and easily accepted by the users.

Hans Hendrix, Project Manager and department head of distribution at Pidpa.

The reason this project was such a success was clearly visible the first week after go-live. Users were very enthusiastic about working with the application. During this project Ideo as well as Pidpa’s Business and IT department were closely involved. The workers, inspectors, and site controllers have been part of the implementation from the very beginning through interactive UX-design workshops. The joined effort of business and IT has ensured that the mobile application seamlessly corresponds with the practice.

The process of change for the end-users is very important to Pidpa and has received the attention it deserves.

The high degree of involvement during the design process has made it go very smoothly and gradually according to Project Manager Hans Hendrix.

During user training it was made very clear from the beginning that the application was very logical in its usage and that extensive training really wasn’t necessary.

The application does the talking!

Supervisor, Department Sewerage, Pidpa

According to Stefan Meys, Director Finance and IT, this project was characterised by the great amount of enthusiasm from the entire team, among which Pidpa IT, end-users, functional managers, process owners, and Ideo. All involved employees were highly motivated throughout the entire project to achieve this magnificent result. Normally, a project of this size is characterised by a slump in enthusiasm which after a while clears up, but ‘Work Mobile’ never encountered a bad moment.

This project is defined by an enthusiastic team, both on the side of Pidpa as well as Ideo, who both worked together to produce a magnificent result.

Stefan Meys, Director Finance, IT, and purchase for Pidpa

Result and advantages

  • To work more efficiently through a completely digital work process merged into one solution for all daily activities.
  • Input can be done at the source, data is automatically processed in SAP, document management, and towards the client saves money due to less mistakes, less typing everything out, no data is loss, etc.
  •  Speedy user acceptance through close involvement and complete attention to the changes for end-users.
  • A robust platform for working offline, which is suitable for speedy and efficient swapping of large amounts of data.
  • A reduction of management costs and one solution for six different usergroups.
  • Ideo provided security and unburdening were it concerned underlying SAP-technology.


Client: Water Company Pidpa
Number of mobile users: 120

Six user-groups divided among three departments:

  • Distribution: workers and site controllers.
  • Client Relations: mobile service providers and inspectors.
  • Sewerage: monitors and workers.

Utilised solutions:

  • Ideo Mobile Service and Asset management, Ideo MSA in short
  • Ideo Mobile Forms, Ideo MF in short
  • SAP Mobile Platform, SMP in short
  • SAP Enterprise Asset Management, SAP EAM in short
  • SAP Industry Solution for Utilities, SAP ISU in short


  •        Number of releases: 3
  •        Complete project lead time: 15 months

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