Water company Vitens increases the frequency of visits by their inspectors and improves employee efficiency in switching to Ideo Mobile Forms.

About Vitens

Vitens has 2.4 million connections divided between 5.4 million clients and with that it is the biggest water company in The Netherlands. Vitens takes care of the construction and management of the pipeline network all the way up to the water meter in a client’s house. The client is responsible for a reliable installation and maintenance of anything beyond the water meter.

The Challenge

A Vitens inspector has to carry out 500 visits every year, but was unable to do more than 300. Hiring more inspectors was not an option due to the added costs and a more efficient way of working was apparently required. Up till then inspectors used to carry around pen and paper. Each had their own region and could plan visits as they saw fit as long as they had carried out the demanded 500 check ups at the end of the year.

ILT inspections clearly showed that the required number of visits were not getting done. Currently, Vitens inspectors are making double to number of visits every year.

Selected Solution

Appointments are made in the planning system ClickSchedule. The client receives a letter with a suggested date. If for any reason the date is not suitable the client can select an alternative date in the client portal. Subsequently, a work order is created which then appears on the inspector’s tablet.

Vitens operates according to a SAP before anything policy and works based on a target architecture, so the utilisation of the Sybase Unwired Platform combined with SAP IS-U (Utilities) and SAP ERP was more or less decided upon to begin with.

Result and Advantages

  • All employees work with the same source files.
  • Efficiency has doubled.
    • Inspectors can now carry out 600 inspection visits every year instead of the previous 300.


Client: Water company Vitens

Utilised Solutions:

  • Sybase Unwired Platform combined with SAP IS-U
  • Ideo Mobile Forms
  • ClickSchedule



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