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Innovation is digging up old pain

Innovation is looking at old problems from a different view. Children often surprise us with this skill. The following story is an example of a child’s perspective.

From a different view

A changing world cries to for innovation

Innovation has become a continuing process and a common in this ever-changing world. Even Ideo, her partners, and clients are always on the move to innovate and solve the issues in service and maintenance.

Innovate with us

Ideo 20 years!

Last year, Ideo celebrated her 20-year anniversary. In those 20 years we have had a clear emphasis on improving your service and maintenance processes and we will continue to do so in the years to come.

Field Service Management Software for the future

Increase customer lifetime value and stimulate the growth of your organisation. They way service is provided towards customers has never been more important.

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Intelligent SAP service and maintenance with the offline mobile app for any desired device.

SAM Smart Asset Management is a rapid tool available as offline mobile service and maintenance app and runs on any desired device. With SAM your technicians gain an assistant, who is user-friendly and quickly offers help when needed. SAM supports them in a clever and highly efficient way in carrying out and registering their activities. SAM helps, always, and everywhere!

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“The past few years, we have made an effort to deliver more business value to our clients. We are extremely proud as these numbers indicate that our efforts are appreciated. It inspires us to continue on this path.”


Ideo scores high on client satisfaction

Clients award us the beautiful general grade of an 8.4. On recommendations we even score an 8.6.

We do:

Asset Management

Your assets can negatively influence the risks and profitability. Achieve maximum returns with SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

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Service Management

Clients expect an increasing level of service from organisations. Exceed their expectations by applying SAP Service Management.

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Business Consultancy

Our Business Consultants have a founded knowledge of processes and work hard on improve ad change projects within your organisation.

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Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your employees and (internal) customer satisfaction? Make the right decisions due to direct insight into all relevant data on the plan board.

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Do you also want convenient information and processes at your disposal while on the road? SAP Mobility enables safe access for your workforce. Always and Everywhere.

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Document Management

Thanks to the different document solutions by Ideo you can integrate your company processes seamlessly with any relevant documents and drawings.

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What others say about Ideo

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