Intelligent Enterprise

The digital transformation has had a tremendous impact on companies worldwide over the past decades. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation, a trend that continues today. Companies embracing this development with intelligent technologies are referred to by SAP as Intelligent Enterprises.

SAP recently published a whitepaper outlining the latest developments. The whitepaper describes how companies can tackle the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation. Below, we share the highlights from the whitepaper.

The necessity of digital transformation

According to SAP, digital transformation is essential for companies wishing to survive in this rapidly changing market. Companies neglecting investments in digital technologies risk falling behind the competition.

Challenges of digital transformation

While there are many opportunities in digital transformation, companies also face challenges. The whitepaper describes these challenges and provides recommendations for how companies can address them.

Future perspectives

SAP sees a bright future, with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), The Internet of Things, and Blockchain. In the whitepaper, you can read how these technologies can change the future and what companies can do to become Intelligent Enterprises.

Is your organization choosing the Intelligent Enterprise path with a focus on innovation and differentiation?

As a partner of SAP and a specialist in service and asset management, we are happy to help our customers optimize their service and maintenance processes. Naturally, with the help of new technologies that fit your organization. At Ideo, we offer comprehensive support in the field of digital transformation. From implementation to support, we are here to help you optimize your processes and achieve success.

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