Since 1998, Ideo has been solving challenging and diverse customer issues within (field) service management. We achieve this by utilizing the best software products and our service specialists. Thanks in part to the broad spectrum of our valued clients, we have undergone significant development and continue to evolve. However, new developments also require the right attention, specialization, and agility for each service, to always provide the best solution.


Since the acquisition of ClickSoftware by Salesforce, we have experienced a major new development: becoming a Salesforce partner. This opens up even more possibilities for improving service processes. It allows us to continue serving our clients while expanding our specialization to this platform. However, this new platform requires a different approach, which is why we proudly launch our new Salesforce business unit: BlueHike.


Service in SAP and Salesforce


BlueHike is the new name for our ClickSoftware and Salesforce practice. This new business unit is focusing on fulfilling Service Management with Salesforce products. Meanwhile, Ideo remains the specialist in service and maintenance processes in SAP. By separating the services, both companies can focus on the right approach and service offerings, ultimately providing even better service to our clients now and in the future.

Patrick van de Kamp (Director of Alliances & Innovation, Ideo) about the new business unit:

“With BlueHike, we can give even better attention to our customers and leverage our (field) service expertise to establish an excellent service process with the Salesforce platform. Ultimately, this allows our clients to increase the customer lifetime value of their end customers and differentiate themselves from competitors.”


What changes?

A lot changes, yet little changes at the same time. All activities and communications related to Salesforce fall under the new name BlueHike, while all activities and communications related to SAP fall under Ideo. What remains the same: the existing expertise, business operations, and the service that our clients are accustomed to.