Enhance your service and maintenance process with innovative ICT solutions from SAP and TeamViewer

Eneco faces staffing challenges and increasing costs due to its “going gas-free” ambitions. To address this issue, Ideo, along with SAP and TeamViewer, has conducted a co-innovation project to support the field personnel of the Heat department (Eneco Heat). The use of AR with TeamViewer will assist Eneco in managing the rapidly growing heat networks and limiting increasing personnel costs.


Integration of SAP Service & Asset Manager and TeamViewer Frontline

By integrating SAP Service & Asset Manager and TeamViewer Frontline, we can improve the process. This results in faster response times for customers, quicker training for new technicians, and safer hands-free working conditions. We have set up two different use cases with Eneco, which are currently being implemented to gain practical experience quickly:

  • Live remote assistance
    Control rooms are often complex, requiring specific knowledge and experience.
    Direct remote assistance allows the technician to have hands-free operation and receive quick assistance.
  • Fast training and assistance with malfunctions
    There is a wide variety of delivery sets, with new types introduced every year.
    Inexperienced technicians may not be familiar with all types; quick training and assistance with malfunctions accelerate solution times.


Live demo

At Maintenance NEXT (April 18-20, 2023), Ideo, together with Eneco, provided a live demo, showcasing various use cases. Did you miss it and are you curious about the demo? Contact us, and we would be happy to schedule a demo appointment at your convenience.