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Ideo supports in service and maintenance. We do this with great passion for our customers, but now also beyond. The need and motivation to support people on a broader level in our field is significant. That’s why Ideo has started a collaboration with the Gered Gereedschap Foundation. In this article, you’ll read more about this foundation and how Ideo contributes its part.


About Gered Gereedschap

Being able to perform service and maintenance well starts with the basics: the right tools. This is precisely what Gered Gereedschap is committed to. For this reason, we feel a strong connection to the goal they pursue: an independent existence for skilled workers in Africa.

Gered Gereedschap is a foundation that supports (apprentice) craftsmen with knowledge, skills, and resources. This includes providing the right tools, vocational training, and guidance to and at work. It gives skilled workers the opportunity to build an independent livelihood, for example, as a carpenter or car mechanic.

From a refurbished saw to a carpenter running his own business.

You can find more information about the foundation on the Gered Gereedschap website:



How does Ideo contribute?

Colleagues from Ideo organize various activities to support this goal together. This includes collecting tools and building toolboxes. Additionally, more activities are planned to contribute further. Curious about what our colleagues are doing? Keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn.