Professionalization of Kiremko's international service process

Kiremko, a manufacturer of potato processing machinery, aimed to quickly enhance the professionalism of their international service process. To achieve this goal, our team collaborated closely with Kiremko’s IT and service departments. The implementation of our FSM360 Packaged Solution ultimately contributed to the swift professionalization of the entire service process. Both work planners, technicians, and Kiremko’s customers now benefit from the solution.

About Kiremko

Founded in 1965, Kiremko is a leading manufacturer of potato processing machines and production lines. Based in the Netherlands, they serve international clients with the aim of achieving optimal production of potato products. Minimizing waste of energy and resources is a key focus for them.

Kiremko’s service engineers are responsible for installing, assembling, and maintaining the machines. Therefore, Kiremko considers service as an integral part of the process.

An overarching solution for a complex service process

Due to complex assets and long-term international service assignments, Kiremko’s service process is highly specific. Simultaneously with the transition to a new ERP system (SAP S/4HANA), Kiremko therefore sought an overarching cloud solution that aligned with the new S/4HANA Private Cloud.

The aim was to fully support the service process from start to finish. Agility was also a key pillar in this regard. Through optimal digital support of the process, Kiremko is now more agile as a service organization. They can detect issues earlier and, for example, act and onboard more quickly.

Ideo FSM 360 Solution Package

Ideo has extensive experience in providing solutions for service processes and therefore offers best-practice scenarios in the form of solution packages. Kiremko also opted for a solution package. These have fixed prices and schedules, so you know in advance what to expect.

Digital planning tool with supporting algorithms for the planner
Let the system work for you and use algorithms for (semi) automatic planning and external communication.

Live and up-to-date communication within SAP
Both online and offline availability of asset and customer information.

Enhanced analysis capabilities for internal and external KPIs
The FSM analysis tool provides immediate insights due to the availability of more structured data.

Improved and structured work process
Process steps are now documented, and new colleagues can be onboarded more quickly.

The technicians now have more live communication options, and the quality of administration has improved. They can more quickly and clearly promote costs and opportunities to new quotes and orders.

Project approach

After several discussions with the IT and service departments, the Ideo FSM Solution Package emerged as the best solution for Kiremko. A best practice implementation is always carried out within agreed scope and budget. The project was executed in close collaboration with Kiremko’s end users.

Special attention was given to:

  • customized checklists to support technicians' tasks;
  • automating the process for time registration;
  • supporting work preparation by integrating material flow into the work order process;
  • a digital service report that also serves as a work order for customers. It is generated immediately after the service and signed by the customer.


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