Mobile execution of planned and unplanned maintenance on complex assets

Energy company Eneco is furthering its digitization efforts for their service and maintenance process with SAP Service & Asset Manager (SSAM). The implementation of SSAM contributes to the rapid professionalization of the entire service and maintenance process. Both Eneco’s work planners, technicians, and customers now experience the benefits of this solution.

About Eneco

Founded in 1995, Eneco is an international energy company committed to accelerating the energy transition and mitigating climate change. Guided by the mission “sustainable energy for everyone,” they assist consumers and businesses in transitioning to sustainable energy. The ambition is to achieve this within the natural boundaries of the planet, making Eneco climate-neutral for the company and its customers by 2035.

Eneco Heat provides homes with district heating and has an extensive distribution network (heat networks) maintained by Eneco. In this context, technicians now use the mobile application SSAM.

The challenge

Eneco Heat was already using a mobile application to support its maintenance process. This application contained customized functionalities to seamlessly align with the process, making annual upgrades of the application challenging. The challenge was to replace this mobile application with SSAM and utilize as many standard functionalities as possible, so that Eneco is also prepared for the SAP S/4HANA transformation. At the same time, the goal was to continue supporting the process optimally with a user-friendly application for the technicians.

Chosen solution

SAP Service & Asset Manager (SSAM)

In 2022, SAP Service & Asset Manager was implemented to improve data quality. Ideo configured the standard SSAM solution and enhanced it with the Ideo SSAM add-on. This add-on provides technicians with a customized workflow along with user-friendly input screens, maximizing support for their daily maintenance tasks.

Streamlined work administration

With this (offline) mobile SAP application, technicians have everything they need on-site. They can access user-friendly screens on their tablets, allowing them to easily and immediately report back on their work administration.

Sustainability and innovation

The new mobile application aligns well with Eneco’s sustainability and innovation ambitions.

The experts at Ideo have launched a successful mobile app together with our technicians and IT colleagues.

Project approach

After a joint preliminary investigation, it was determined that SSAM was the most suitable choice for Eneco. To create broad support within the operation, the project was carried out in collaboration with key users from Eneco Heat. This allowed them to influence the decisions made and be involved and enthusiastic from an early stage. The implementation of SSAM was then carried out in phases, allowing the initial users to receive intensive support and enabling further small improvements to be made.


Client: Eneco, Heat Field Operations department

Industry: Utilities

Service: SAP implementation

Product: SAP Service & Asset Manager (SSAM)

Duration: 8 months

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