About Strukton Rail

Strukton Rail is the largest full-service provider for rail systems in the Netherlands. Additionally, Strukton Rail operates in Europe, with branches in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. With groundbreaking solutions in the field of rail infrastructure and rolling stock, they ensure a safe and reliable rail system.


The challenge

As a full-service provider for rail systems, Strukton Rail needs an open and flexible maintenance management system that can grow with the organization.

Together with Ideo Mobile Quality Management (MQM), the mobile maintenance solution, it's possible to handle structured inspections on the go, register maintenance data in the field, and digitize work orders in SAP.

Chosen solution

With the implementation of SAP Service and Asset Management in 2007, the foundation was already laid. Ideo assisted with this at the time. But now, further mobile requirements can be met with SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform. Together with Ideo’s mobile maintenance solution, MQM (Mobile Quality Management), it’s possible to handle structured inspections on the go, register maintenance data in the field, and digitize work orders in SAP. All of this contributes to the ultimate goal that Strukton Rail has for its customers: ensuring a safe and reliable rail infrastructure system with minimal downtime.

Strukton Rail now provides its maintenance workers with a mobile SAP solution to perform critical maintenance tasks on-site and record them digitally in real-time. With Ideo’s Mobile Maintenance Solution, MQM, employees can conduct visual inspections on-site. Inspection protocols, standard values, and limits from SAP MQM are made available on mobile devices, allowing employees to see if the inspections performed meet safety standards and whether inspected tracks or switches can be released for use. Inspection values are directly recorded on the employees’ PDAs in a convenient and user-friendly interface. Even when employees perform unplanned tasks on-site, MQM enables them to request the appropriate inspection protocols and carry out inspections immediately.

To digitally record maintenance tasks on-site, MQM utilizes SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform. With Sybase technology, tasks can be performed anytime and anywhere, even without a network connection.

The standard MQM product from Ideo has been implemented at Strukton Rail along with SAP’s Sybase Unwired Platform, taking into account the requirements and preferences of Strukton Rail.

Ideo worked on this project following the Agile approach. With short communication lines, the desired project results are achieved quickly and successfully. The collaboration between Ideo and Strukton has been optimally utilized as a result.


  • Strukton has fully integrated its work order handling and inspection process into SAP, thereby achieving administrative relief. The "double entry of data" is also a thing of the past.
  • Strukton ensures with MQM that inspectors only work with the latest versions of inspection forms.
  • Using MQM, inspectors automatically receive the planned inspection forms on their screens, increasing the quality of inspections and thus the safety of the tracks.
  • With MQM, inspectors can perform necessary inspection analyses in the field. This shortens the total turnaround time of the inspection process and corrective actions.
  • When inspectors have completed their planned orders, they can use MQM to see which tasks are still outstanding and then support their colleagues. This allows inspectors to effectively fill their time with "stop work" in case of downtime.

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