About Twence

Twence stands for high-quality waste processing as a source of reusable raw materials and energy. They make waste suitable for this purpose and reintroduce raw materials into the chain. In addition, Twence produces energy from renewable sources. They use residual waste for energy utilization as long as it remains the most efficient form of use. Twence does this with passion, innovation, and business economic responsibility. They respect people and the environment and contribute to the sustainability of society.


The challenge

Based on its business objectives in Asset Management, Twence determines which maintenance needs to be performed at what time. Twence uses the RCM methodology to make the right considerations, document them, and develop the right maintenance concept for its assets.

In the past, Twence used the RCMO solution, which had limited integration capabilities with its SAP ERP environment. Because this solution was no longer supported, Twence approached Ideo to jointly implement a new future-proof solution that works fully integrated with SAP PM, as it supports Twence’s operational maintenance process.

A challenge in the project was the complete remote execution of the entire project from workshops to implementation due to COVID-19 measures. Through the enthusiasm of all project members from both Twence and Ideo, the use of a scrum board, and the desire to deliver a great project in a short time, we succeeded together.

Chosen solution

SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management Identifying business objectives, prioritizing, and providing maintenance recommendations. This is precisely the strength of SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, abbreviated as SAP ASPM. ASPM is part of the SAP Intelligent Asset Management suite.

With the implementation of SAP ASPM, Twence aims to gain more control over justifying, creating, and managing maintenance concepts and remaining compliant with laws and regulations. Twence uses a risk-based approach, where the criticality is determined per component based on a risk matrix, aligned with Twence’s business objectives. Using this Risk & Criticality analysis, Twence establishes priorities for each asset. Subsequently, for the relevant assets with a higher risk profile, the correct maintenance strategy is determined in a structured manner. Twence employs the RCM methodology for this purpose. The result of this methodology is a set of recommendations that lead to the right maintenance actions, regulated through SAP PM.

With the implementation of SAP ASPM, Twence brings the worlds of the maintenance engineer, operator, and mechanic closer together and gains access to a fully integrated solution, laying an important foundation for a 360-degree view of the asset.



For the implementation project at Twence, the Ideo ASPM package was used in the form of a Proof of Concept. With this package and associated methodology, Twence gained insight into the solution’s possibilities right from the start of the project and could immediately align Twence’s workflow with the ASPM solution.

Part of the approach was the use of the scrum methodology, which provided continuous visibility for the Twence/Ideo project group regarding which activities were being undertaken by whom. This enabled us to achieve a great project result in a short timeframe.

“A great result. To keep the many installations in top condition, Twence has been striving for predictable and manageable preventive maintenance for years. A thorough analysis of potential risks beforehand forms the basis for this. The need to replace the old RCMO package was a good reason to reconsider the process together with Ideo. A Proof of Concept gave us a good understanding of what ASPM has to offer. The goal was not only to replace the old package but also to pave the way for better predictability at the lowest possible cost. The rigorous project approach and support ensured that we anticipate the integration into the organization with confidence.”

The strict project approach and support have ensured that we look forward to embedding in the organization with confidence.


Thanks to a user-friendly, intuitive application, maintenance engineers have all crucial asset information at their fingertips in the 360 asset view.

  • Improved information structuring and provision through the 360 asset view
  • Integrated registration of Risk & Criticality score
  • Structured registration of RCM analyses
  • Seamless integration of SAP ASPM and SAP ERP environment
  • Future-proof solution, enabling Twence to be ready for the implementation of S/4HANA

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