Everyone is talking about working smarter and better in maintenance. But what does that mean exactly?

More collaboration in the supply chain

The lifecycle of an asset consists of different phases: design, production, installation, use and dismantling. Multiple partners are involved in this, ranging from the OEM supplier to the service provider. In order to paint a clear picture of the asset, the data must therefore be shared between  different partners. As a result, we always have an up-to-date 360​​overview of our assets.

Real-time asset info (digital twin)

Maximum insight into an asset arises when the performance of the asset is available at any moment in time. This is the virtual equivalent of the asset or the digital twin.

Determining asset strategy

Based on the available asset information, it is important to determine which type of maintenance should be carried out at what time. It is crucial here to determine what added value an asset provides. In other words, the risk that an organisation runs if the same asset fails.

Ideo provides control

Ideo innovates for and with you

Because Ideo consultants have knowledge of asset strategies and are constantly working with innovative technologies, they can help you enter this new world in a responsible manner.

Advantages / highlights

  • All asset information available throughout the chain
  • Real-time insight into an asset with the digital twin
  • Determining the right asset strategy
  • Continuous improvement of maintenance
  • The right maintenance at the right time

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