Everyone is talking about the intelligent enterprise, the smart factory and Industry 4.0. For asset management, this means taking a concrete step towards more predictive maintenance. But how do you do that?

Smart sensors (IoT)

Technical assets must be equipped with sensors. The information obtained through these sensors must then be made centrally available via the Internet of Things. This way, real-time insights are incorporated into this data.

Big data

Equipment with smart sensors create a huge amount of data. This data must be arranged and integrated with the technical assets at an ERP level.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data is not yet information. The challenge is to convert data into information that reflects the behaviour of the asset. With the help of artificial intelligence, fingerprints can be made and deviations can be quickly detected.

Augmented reality

Because information is available in real time, technicians can be equipped with “smart glasses”. These will project the information directly onto their field of view.
Ideo provides control

Ideo innovates for and with you

Ideo is familiar with the latest technologies. In addition, we have developed an implementation method to innovate responsibly and to take the first steps.
Advantages / highlights

  • Accelerated move towards predictive maintenance
  • The right maintenance at the right moment
  • Creating digital twin
  • Real-time asset information


  • Asset owners
  • Maintenance managers
  • Reliability managers
  • Mechanics
  • Maintenance engineers

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