Ardagh Glass reaches better quality maintenance at lower cost, all due to the improvement of Asset management processes in SAP.

About Ardagh Glass

Ardagh Glass is world-renowned for producing glass. The worlds biggest distributors of food and beverages are supplied by Ardagh Glass.

The Challenge

The challenge is defining just one SAP PM template which can be utilised by companies worldwide. A unification of business processes and operating principles was realised to reach this objective. The unification was introduced during the initial stages of this project and became permanent with the implementation of SAP. This ensures a good worldwide benchmark for all offices.

This project once again brings to the forefront that due attention to the right details at the proper time ensures a successful implementation.

Selected Solution

SAP Plant Maintenance

In 1997 Ardagh Glass’s branch Glas, formerly known as Rexam Glass, decided to utilise SAP Plant Maintenance as a worldwide solution for its maintenance administration. Ideo was chosen to spearhead this project due to their earlier successes with a localised PM implementation. Ideo started by developing a plan. It was during this fase that maintenance processes were mapped and compared to SAP PM processes. Production facilities in Germany, England, The Netherlands, and Sweden were all involved in order to come up with a set of general processes. Special attention was paid to branch specific processes, such as mould upkeep and capacity.

Due to the collection of general processes a European template was constructed. The template was polished during its first implementation at Barnsley UK. Furthermore, Ideo educated those employees who formed the PM team in general PM SAP and the implemented project related processes. This ensured more knowledgeable employees for Barnsley UK, which in turn allowed the company to roll-out their new product to other production facilities independently with only moderate backing from Ideo.

Train-the-trainer sessions

Educating the PM team to a relevant level resulted in a shortening of implementation times, successful train-the-trainer sessions, a more favorable acceptance by maintenance people, future continuity, and above all this methode has led to lower costs.

Result and Advantages

  • Shorter implementation times.
  • Successful train-the-trainer sessions.
  • A more willing acceptance by maintenance people.
  • Future continuity.
  • The new methode has led to lower costs.


Client: Ardagh glass

Utilised Solutions:

  • SAP Plant Maintenance



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