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Strukton Rail is provided with secure and reliable rail infrastructure by the inspection solution Ideo Mobile Quality Management, MQM in short.

About Strukton Rail

Strukton Rail is the biggest full-service provider of railway systems in The Netherlands. In addition Strukton Rail is also active in Europe and has offices in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Strukton Rail with its ground breaking solutions in the field of rail infrastructure and rolling materials ensures a secure and reliable railway system.

The Challenge

Strukton Rail as full-service provider of railway systems require an open and flexible maintenance management system which has the capacity to grow with the company.

Together with the mobile maintenance solution Ideo Mobile Quality Management, MQM in short, it is possible to carry out structured mobile inspections, to register maintenance data in the field, and to digitalise work folders in SAP.

Selected Solution

In 2007 the first steps were taken with the implementation of SAP Service and Asset Management. At the time Ideo helped with the implementation. However, Sybase Unwired Platform by SAP now allows for further progress to be made in this area. Together with the mobile maintenance solution Ideo Mobile Quality Management it is possible to carry out structured mobile inspections, to register maintenance data in the field, and to digitalise work folders in SAP. All of this contributes towards the goal Strukton Rail has in mind for its client, which is to guarantee a secure and reliable rail infra system with a down-time as low as possible.

At the moment Strukton Rail offers its maintenance employees a mobile SAP solution to carry out their business critical maintenance activities on site and to directly document them digitally. The mobile maintenance solution by Ideo, MQM, allows employees to carry out visual inspections on site. The inspection protocols, standards, and limits of SAP MQM mobile are made available in these cases. This allows employees to view on location if the inspections that have been carried out fall within the norms of safety and if inspected tracks and switches can be released for usage. The inspection data is directly registered on the employee’s PDA on a handy and user-friendly screen. When employees need to carry out unplanned on site activities the right inspection protocols can be accessed with MQM and an inspection can be carried out directly.

The mobile maintenance solution MQM uses the Sybase Unwired Platform by SAP to digitally record maintenance activities on site. Sybase technology allows work to be carried out any time anywhere, even if there is no Internet connection available.

The standard MQM product by Ideo was implemented at Strukton Rail together with the Sybase Unwired Platform by SAP. This was done keeping in mind Strukton Rail’s desires and wishes.

Ideo used the ‘Agile’ approach in handling this project. The collaboration between Ideo and Strukton Rail was very successful due to short lines of communication which ensured that the desired project result was obtained quickly and successfully.

Result and Advantages

  • Strukton Rail has completely integrated the completion of work orders and the inspection process in SAP realising a reduction in the administrative burden. Furthermore, having to enter data twice is a thing of the past.
  • Using MQM Strukton Rail guarantees that inspectors only carry out inspections using the most current version of the inspection form.
  • The utilisation of MQM means that inspectors automatically receive the planned inspection forms on their screen. This increases the quality of inspections and with it the safety of the railway.
  • Using MQM allows inspectors to carry out necessary inspection analysis in the field. This reduces the throughput time of the inspection process and the correct actions.
  • If an inspector has completed his/her planned orders MQM allows him/her to see which activities are still open allowing him/her to support colleagues. This feature means that inspectors can fill their time very effectively with repairs.


Client: Strukton Rail

Utilised Solutions:

  • SAP QM
  • Sybase Unwired Platform
  • Ideo Mobile Quality Management



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