Tangible solutions, improving together

All of our colleagues are extremely customer oriented, which is why we would rather deliver you a working solution than the mere technology. This can only come about by listening to you and by daring to ask follow-up questions. We shall not hesitate to provide solutions which were not as such requested.

On order to bring about our promises we utilise SAP products and complementary SAP products. All services and products provided by Ideo are focused on service and maintenance products, with a focus on Planning, Mobility, Document Management, an GIS. In the instances standard SAP falls short Ideo has developed their own products and templates in SAP. As market leader we have a reputation to uphold.

Security and peace of mind

SAP products offer us security. You will find security in the business cases we always draft beforehand; What happens when we do nothing? What happens when we do this? We swiftly come to the point, allowing us to take concrete steps. Afterwards we test the goals. To improve the chances for success we deliver, aside from the products, a seamless integration and the appropriate support for your employees during the entire implementation. To ensure that process and man are aligned and the chosen solution is carried by the people who have to work with it. Ideo unburdens during the entire process.

We experience great pride when once again the agreed upon goals have been met. The results are shared with the team to ensure that new clients can also profit from the experience.

Our clients appreciate our pragmatic approach, the personal contact, and our ability to quickly change gears. We swiftly come to the point, allowing us to take concrete steps.


For a quick and successful implementation we offer Consultancy & Support. Our consultants are highly skilled in project based work, be it business economic advice or programming custom products to expand on standard SAP.

We always deliver the agreed upon results, offer seamless product integration, and the delegation of knowledge to your employees.

IT cost management is important, but creating more business value due to the utilisation of a more streamlined process means our clients can keep or improve their competitive position. Ideo operates with the creed ‘more with less’. Create maximal value through the standardisation of processes utilising SAP’s best practices and the branch. Combine this with a focus on involving Business with IT to reach a simple and easy to accept solution. Our experience and innovative power keep project risk low, ensure quick implementations, and maximal Business acceptance.

Martin Maurer – Founder and Director Ideo


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Employment at Ideo is employment in a close-knit team of entrepreneurial professionals.

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