SAP is one of the most successful software companies operating worldwide and SAP is Ideo’s most important partner. Ideo has been an official SAP Service and Software Partner for many years and collaborates with SAP intensively in a number of areas. Since 1998 Ideo has successfully been carrying out implementation and improvement processes in the area of SAP service and maintenance processes.


Ideo is implementation partner and supplier of ClickSoftware products in the Benelux. Ideo advises on, sells licences, implements, and supports ClickSoftware products. ClickSoftware is the leading supplier of planning solutions for external employees.

Esri Nederland

The partnership between Ideo and Esri Nederland is focused on the innovation of the integration between GIS and SAP in the field of service and asset management. Ideo loves inspiring organisations from different branches with a geographic approach of information supported by Esri. Esri forms a worldwide network with over a million successful users. They develop solutions based on the innovative, stable, and with open standards ArcGIS-platform.

PinkRoccade Healthcare

PinkRoccade Healthcare and Ideo have formed a strategic collaboration for the Dutch healthcare market. PinkRoccade Healthcare incorporates Ideo’s SAP based solutions for Medical Technology and Real Estate Management into their CareCTRL-product suite. This creates a total package for the management and implementation of business processes within healthcare organisations.


The housing market is supported by a branch specific SAP cloud solution by Ctac and Ideo: Fit4Woco. In an exclusive partnership an all-encompassing solution is presented with which housing corporations can increase their professionality. This solution allows housing corporations to focus on their core processes. Ensuring that tenants receive better service. Fit4Woco makes sure that housing corporations have access to the latest IT technology without having to lift a finger.

msc solutions

Ideo is msc solutions’ implementation partner for SAM Smart Asset Management in the Benelux. For several years now, we have been collaborating concerning mobile solutions for customer service and asset management processes. Within this partnership msc solutions takes care of the production development of SAM Smart Asset Management and Ideo focusses on the development of branch specific templates and provides a seamless integration with customer processes. Msc solutions’ motto is simplifying inspection, maintenance, and customer service with as goal increasing the availability of your assets. They achieve this through mobile technology. Msc solutions believes your technicians are your company’s most valuable assets, which is the reason they need to be able to perform to the best of their abilities. That is why msc solutions has developed SAM Smart Asset Management.


Ideo is an innovative company that with custom integrations, further increases the usefulness of SAP Service and Maintenance for customers. In Utopia, we see a partner with the same passion for technology and the same commitment to customers. Through our collaboration we can offer our customers a seamless solution for their master data management process. Improving data Quality and leveraging data as a competitive instrument is essential for asset-intensive organizations.

xft GmbH

Ideo is xft’s implementation partner. Xft offers a complete “suite” of document and case management based on solutions. These solutions have a thorough process integration for a better execution of the standard SAP processes. The solutions by xft are completely based on SAP technology and can be seamlessly integrated into the different business processes, which are currently present within the SAP landscape. Xft was founded by former SAP employees and has been an SAP partner since 2004. The solutions as by xft allow Ideo to even better equip their clients with optimised and integrated business processes.


Ometa is a software company specialised in data integration and digital collaboration. With the Ometa framework data can be integrated, from on the one hand company applications, such as CRM, ERP, and on the other document management tools (DMS). This ensures that information management is simplified and collaboration optimised. The framework is capable of connecting both the latest technologies as well as any legacy systems. Thanks to the partnership with Ometa, Ideo can expand their SAP expertise with complete integration solutions including portal technology, such as Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.