Ideo implements a new work order management system at Vitens

Water utility company Vitens increases the frequency of inspections by their inspectors and makes all employees work more efficiently by switching to Ideo Mobile Forms. With the new work order management system, the 180 technicians are much more effective, and data quality improves. The technicians are pleased with the user-friendly screens and have immediate insight into the Vitens network.

Vitens strives for the best water at the lowest societal costs, or the lowest socially responsible price. By continuously seeking efficient and sustainable production methods and by improving its performance wherever possible. Often, the motto is “measurement is knowledge,” and based on a performance comparison with other water companies, a redesign of the planning process at the Netbeheer & Levering department was made.


More efficient deployment of technicians

The main change in this process was the establishment of a tactical planning in which a coarse-grained plan is made six weeks in advance. After this, detailed planning is done at the operational level (at the employee level). This results in better control over the execution of the annual plan, more peace on the planning board, and more efficient deployment of the technicians. The process is supported by a work order management application (WOM), which was developed in collaboration with Ideo via Ideo Mobile Forms. A major automation project focusing on the management of technicians. The customer notices this in the form of clear communication about the activities, and Vitens employees experience less bureaucracy.

The core process of Netbeheer and Levering has the primary task of managing the almost 47,000 kilometers of Vitens’ network. With 180 people in the field service, over 100 people in the back office, and 14 people in logistics, maintenance of this pipeline network is ensured. In case of malfunctions, the Netbeheer & Levering department is the first point of contact for the customer, and malfunctions are resolved as quickly and adequately as possible.


Ideo’s focus is on supporting the entire operational process

Ideo creates maximum business value by improving service and maintenance processes within organizations. The focus is on supporting the entire operational process using robust and reliable SAP software. One of the focal points in optimizing service and maintenance processes is the use of mobile applications. A mobile application must always meet Ideo’s strict rules: a stable platform that exchanges and synchronizes data correctly between the app and the backend system, an intuitive operation that requires little training, and a design that makes working in the application enjoyable.

The keys to success in this project lay in the apparent simplicity of the application and utilizing proven SAP and Ideo technology and functionality. Vitens had a clear vision of what the app needed to achieve, and Ideo did an excellent job translating this, as evidenced by the minimal number of design adjustments made throughout the project.

Necessary dministration completely handled via mobile devices

The mobile application for work order management at Vitens’ Netbeheer & Levering department has been phased in. From now on, the 180 Vitens technicians have immediate insight into their work package via a calendar view and a work list, and they have detailed information of the work order at hand. The necessary administration can be fully handled mobile, even in locations without WIFI coverage. This makes orders from SAP CRM clearly visible, and N&L reports the data recorded by the technician back to SAP CRM through the application.

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