SAP Extension Suite (SAP BTP)

The SAP BTP Extension Suite is an excellent way to apply upgrade-proof innovations for the future. The solution decouples extensions from the standard SAP backend/code stack, so that the upgrade process is not affected. In this way, you can continuously upgrade to the latest version while keeping your core clean.

of the solution

Rapid time to value

By combining low- and no-code tools from SAP with our own implementation accelerators, our people add value right away.

Agile process

SAP applications can be quickly and correctly adapted by the Extension Suite. As a result, you can quickly respond to changing circumstances.

Improving the digital experience

With In-App and Side-by-Side Extensions we improve the experience of the end-user by adhering to your business processes.

Extensions by default

In addition to adjustments to standard SAP applications, we also realize customized applications with the Extension Suite; also known as Side-by-Side Extensions. This improves employees’ user experience, and immediately allows you to benefit from a more efficient process.

The following applications can be used in combination with the SAP BTP Extension Suite: SAP Field Service Management, SAP Fiori apps, SAP Intelligent Asset Management, SAP Service and Asset Manager, SAP S/4 HANA, and Ideo Mobile Forms.

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