SAP Fiori

Fiori, SAP’s new look, aligns with the latest technologies and employee and customer expectations. With SAP Fiori, we present your processes in a more user-friendly way in apps, as today’s employees have come to expect.

of the solution

One interface

All SAP Fiori apps are developed with scalable windows. As a result, they can be used on any device and with any operating system.

Customizable and expandable

SAP offers the possibility to customize standard Fiori apps. For example, we can add extra fields or build in extra checks.

Rapid development opportunities

SAP provides building blocks for creating your own apps using low-code tools. We help you on your way as quickly as possible with an app that meets all your needs.

This solution allows the following employees to grow

Service and Maintenance Managers


Work planners

Service and maintenance technicians


Improved user experience for employee and customer

Thanks to the intuitive look & feel, you and your colleagues can carry out work more efficiently. As a result, you benefit from increased productivity, and this approach also improves the user experience of employees and customers who work with the app.

Our people can implement standard SAP Fiori apps or customize them to your needs. If no standard app is available, or the standard does not meet your requirements, we develop an app ourselves. Thanks to scalable windows, you can use the apps on all your screens and devices.

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