The basis for every process, as well as for asset management, is complete and reliable master data. The foundation of maintenance is a good set of asset data; data that is complete and up to date so as to avoid wrong decisions.

Asset 360 view

Every asset owner must be able to view all the relevant information of his/her assets at a glance: KPIs and criticality, status, model data, bills of materials, documentation, drawings, planned and executed maintenance.

Master Data Governance

Good and clean data is necessary; otherwise, its reliability will be undermined. This means that data must be collected in a controlled manner and updated when changes are made.

Ideo provides control

Control your asset data with Ideo

We’ve noticed that many organisations face the challenge of collecting asset data and keeping it up to date. This is the first check that we can perform for you with every implementation. In addition, we can optimise your process to bring the asset data to the desired level and keep it there.

Advantages / highlights

  • All asset data centrally available
  • Clean and up-to-date asset information


  • Asset owners
  • Asset data managers

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