The job description for mechanics and external employees has been subjected to a lot of change. From an executor who went door to door to carry out service requests to a company ambassador reaching out to clients pro-actively about ending maintenance contracts and interesting offers. Thanks to Ideo’s Mobility the external employee has more autonomy in planning their activities. There are also changes for the mechanic who aside from repairs in the plant can now improve the data quality of assets and carry out inspections more quickly with a mobile solution.

Mobility at Ideo

Over the past years Ideo has successfully optimised service and maintenance processes by utilising mobile applications for many clients in many different branches. Choosing the correct mobile solution yields a lot of value within the organisation. An employee works better and more efficiently when the latest and most relevant information is accessible in the field. Based on an extensive portfolio and knowledge of the best practices Ideo always provides a fitting solution for a specific situation.

The mobile solution from the Mobility portfolio is very advantageous for multiple target groups. The mechanic has an overview of current asset data on site and this increases productivity. External employee planning is optimised and invoices for instance can be send out more quickly. Ideo’s Mobility products are free-standing products supplementing standard SAP products. They are always based on robust SAP technology which means time consuming and expensive interfaces are obsolete. The products integrate seamlessly and work can commence quickly and efficiently.

Mobility products

All services and products supplied by Ideo are specifically targeted to service and maintenance processes. For a quick and successful implementation we offer Consultancy & Support.

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