Fiori 01 Some of the standard applications:
  • Maintenance Technician Ten standard SAP Fiori apps for viewing maintenance data, such as notifications, orders, and assets.
  • SAP Multiresource Scheduling (MRS) Eight standard SAP Fiori apps for viewing planning data (more information about this subject can be found here).
  • Master Data Approver and Employee (MDG) Nine standard SAP Fiori apps for altering master data and approving these changes.
Below a summary of the standardly available service and asset management applications: Ideo - SAP Fiori - v20160307  


A complete overview of all available SAP Fiori apps can be found in the SAP Fiori app library: SAP Fiori app library.

SAP Fiori development guidelines

The SAP Fiori apps have all been developed based on SAPUI5 in accordance with the standard SAP Fiori guidelines and development principles. Applications developed in accordance with these guidelines offer many advantages:
  • They are role based.
  • Only the required applications are accessibly listed in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.
  • Apps adjust automatically.
  • The apps are readily available on all devices, such as tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops.
  • They are easily utilised.
  • Only strictly necessary data is listed and/or entered, increasing productivity, quality, and the reliability of the data.
  • A uniform look-and-feel.
  • The use of a uniform layout increases end-user acceptance.
  • Attractive and appealing SAP screens.
Your employees would immediately want to utilise these new SAP functionalities. Sap has won multiple awards, among which the prestigious ‘retdot award’ for the updated SAP Fiori design. More information about the SAP Fiori design guidelines: Fiori 02

Adaptable and expandable

Few SAP clients have a complete standard SAP process. Therefore, SAP offers the possibility to adapt the SAP Fiori apps. Through these expansions extra fields can be added or extra check-ups can be incorporated, which allows the apps to be utilised in your SAP processes, while the standard functionality of the app still falls within the support of SAP.

A custom SAP Fiori app

SAP also offers the possibility to develop customised SAP Fiori apps. Ideo has experience developing SAP Fiori apps for service and maintenance technicians based on the SAP Fiori guidelines. A custom SAP Fiori app allows you to make a process available to your employees on mobile devices, even if no standard app is currently available.

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