Asset 360 Manager

Assets are becoming increasingly complex, and regulations are increasingly strict. That means you need to rely on an integrated asset solution, which provides a complete overview of all important asset-related data.

of the solution

Support throughout the entire lifecycle

Every asset goes through several phases during its full lifecycle. Asset 360 Manager keeps track of relevant and specific information at each stage.

Single source of truth

The solution automatically updates information from different sources. In this way, your departments are always up to date with the latest state of affairs.

Workflow integration

Start and monitor workflows. This is useful whenever you want to inform colleagues about changes to an asset or apply for approvals.

This solution allows the following employees to grow

Maintenance workers

Work planners

Maintenance managers


From design
to operate phase

Our Asset 360 Manager automatically and clearly bundles all relevant information about assets. Upgrading a complex machine, for example, is often driven by notifications and orders, and various documents need to be examined and updated.

The Asset 360 Manager brings together all asset-related information, from the design to the operational phase. The solution integrates information from SAP processes, as well as external applications. This provides you with a complete, centrally accessible overview.

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