XFT Document Composer

With the Document Composer from XFT, you can easily create a Word document with important data from SAP. Merge data at the touch of a button and optionally supplement the document with additional data.

of the solution

Easy customization

Quickly make changes or add attachments. You can also start a workflow in which a document can be edited or approved.

Create your own templates in Word

Easily create and maintain templates and link information from SAP. Optionally, you can create attachment screens for manually completing data.

Archive correspondence automatically

Automatically archive all your documents in a digital dossier or in the Asset 360 Manager. You can easily retrieve these for viewing relevant information.

This solution allows the following employees to grow

Work planners

Service engineers

Contract managers

Helpdesk staff

Best-of-both worlds
MS Word & SAP

With the solution you can also easily maintain and create templates based on MS Word or Excel. These are automatically filled in at a later stage in the process. If necessary, you can adjust correspondence before emailing the document to your customer.

Documents can be created in different ways, for example from a central cockpit or a business process in SAP. You can also create letters for individual or multiple recipients.

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