SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Prepare your organization for changes in the future. Manage and optimize your processes and convert data into information and actions.

of the solution


Save time and reduce errors. Optimally coordinate planning, analysis and execution.


Benefit from new features every quarter with this Cloud Software-as-a-Service solution.


The software is scalable. Visualize and analyze your data first and use more extensive functions, such as planning and prediction, later.

This solution allows the following employees to grow

Data analysts

Service managers

Maintenance & Reliability Engineers

Team leaders

Asset owners

Valuable insights, dashboards and actions

SAP Analytics Cloud combines planning, advanced analytics, visualizations, reporting and collaboration. The solution brings data from different sources together, which you can convert into valuable overviews, dashboards, and actions.

Availability of all this relevant data allows you to collectively make better and more informed decisions that lead to better results. The SAP Analytics Cloud features a clear user interface.

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