SAP Service Cloud

Provide fast, personalized customer service and increase the efficiency of your service organization. The SAP Service Cloud solution connects customer contacts from different channels. This allows you to create a consistent service experience across every contact channel and realize optimal customer satisfaction.

of the solution

Quickly resolve customer issues

Your employees are provided with more relevant data, allowing you to solve customer problems faster.

Powered by AI

Give customers access to AI-supported self-service options and reduce your internal employees’ workload.

Clear case management

Get better solutions faster through clear case management, supported by workflows.

This solution allows the following employees to grow

Call center employees

Service managers

Improved customer service

The desktop offers your service employees access to the right knowledge and information along with clear customer overviews. This allows employees to solve customer problems faster. The solution also improves the quality of first contact and customer engagement.

The ticketing and case management system contributes to efficient processing and closing of customer tickets and automates ticket categorization. It also supports your service teams with (solution) recommendations and sentiment analysis. Finally, the solution offers AI-assisted self-service options, providing the customer with a 24/7 point of contact.

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