SAP Document Management System (SAP DMS)

Support your service and maintenance process with different types of documents such as drawings, permits, instructions or notes. Using the SAP Document Management System (DMS), you can manage your documents in a structured way.

of the solution

Fully integrated

The solution fully integrates with your service and maintenance processes in SAP. Link content to assets and feature places and access from notifications and orders.

Extensive search

Search by texts, attributes, or a combination of both. Save time and quickly edit the right document.

Efficiency and knowledge management

Minimize machine downtime and document lookup times. Thanks to fast access to the right document, you can flexibly deploy (external) workers.

This solution allows the following employees to grow

Work planners

Service engineer

Contract managers

Helpdesk staff

Documents in
your SAP process

By using status and version management, for example, you can quickly adjust the right documents. Because the solution provides employees with immediate insight into the correct version of any document, it contributes to efficiency and safety. Time-saving is another important advantage. The solution is fully integrated into the SAP environment. As a result, you can easily incorporate documents into your processes.

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SAP S/4HANA, SAP's latest platform, has proven itself a kickstarter for innovation. If you want to transform into an intelligent company that stays ahead of the competition, migrating to this solution is an important step.

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