With Asset Life Cycle dossier all relevant information about an asset becomes automatic. Information from SAP and other systems is brought together for the user in a clear transparent way. By bringing together the information from different sources, the user can execute their work quickly and efficiently.

Life cycles

During the many life cycles of an asset different types of information are documented in the Asset Life Cycle dossier. For instance, during the “design” phase drawings, specifications, and supplier information can be documented. In the “operate” phase this is expanded upon with operating manuals, contracts, and failure information. This information is automatically and fully documented in the dossiers; the user does not have to lift a finger.

The information can be enriched with documentation the user can simply “drag & drop” from Outlook or any other network location into the dossier.

Bundled Information

The automatic bundling of all relevant information in the dossier ensures the user direct insight into the information he needs to complete his task. If more detailed information is required, it can easily be requested by double clicking the displayed information.

Consequently, the user can see, for instance, which service reports have been made for a certain equipment and how the equipment hierarchy has altered over time.



  • Maintenance employees
  • Planning engineer
  • Maintenance manager
  • Planner


  • Efficient process resolution
  • Complete access to all relevant asset data
  • Automatic build of dossiers on your assets
  • Complete integration of the maintenance process
  • Time saved in searching for data
  • Integration of structured and unstructured data: documents have seamlessly been integrated in the dossier.


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