In the Business Partner dossier all relevant process information about business partners is automatically collected. This information is presented to the user in a simple and transparent manner. By bringing together the information from different sources, the user can quickly and efficiently carry out their task.


Depending on the role a business partner fulfils, a dossier can contain different types of information. For instance, when it concerns a supplier, purchasing contracts, orders, and invoices are filed in the dossier. When it concerns a client, sales orders and shipped goods are displayed in the dossier.

Naturally, a business partner can fulfil different roles for your organisation. Based on granted authorisations an employee is only shown information they have access to.

Bundled Information

The automatic bundling of all relevant information in the dossier ensures the user direct insight into the information he needs to complete his task. If more detailed information is required, it can easily be requested within the dossier.

Furthermore, it is possible to add on to the process information with documents. These documents are displayed in a transparent manner, ensuring that the user can quickly find the correct document.



  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Rental employees


  • Efficient process resolution
  • Complete access to all relevant business partner data
  • Automatic build of dossiers on your business partners
  • Complete integration of all business partner processes
  • Time saved in searching for data
  • Integration of structured and unstructured data: documents have seamlessly been integrated in the dossier.


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