Business processes are becoming increasingly complex. And, of course, regulations are constantly being tightened. This means that, in addition to process information, the most up-to-date documents must be centrally available to perform your work efficiently and safely. This includes safety instructions, construction drawings, work instructions and specifications.

Ideo’s Digital Dossiers and Documents is a solution that allows access to documents from various sources and automatically creates a digital dossier around an asset, including process information, such as notifications and orders.

Automated intelligent digital dossier creation



  • Storage of all types of media
  • Integration of documents from different content management systems
  • Automatic construction of files through workflow
  • Supports version management
  • Approval flow for changes


  • Asset owners
  • Work preparers Mechanics

Ideo integrates every document into your business process

Ideo has years of experience in the field of integrating documents into business processes. Due to the increasing complexity of the processes, it is increasingly important that they are supported with the correct documents. Do you have questions? We are happy to help you.

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