SAP MRS is a planning solution developed by SAP that integrates seamlessly with the SAP ERP modules: PM, CS, HCM, CRM and PS. Increase the productivity of your employees and improve your organizations services with the ultimate SAP planning tool. Manage your planning yourself or let contractors schedule work.

The planning board allows you to manage long- and medium-term planning when machine and staff availability play an important role. The planner has the option to cluster activities according to technical object or the capacity of the workplace.

For short-term planning, activities can be scheduled based on the required personnel and equipment. Leave and other absences, travel times, qualifications, as well as the progress of work already planned can easily be taken into account.

Due to the direct integration with SAP ERP, SAP MRS can integrate with an existing or new mobile solution. SAP MRS also offers standard mobile Fiori applications that can be expanded with the required information.



  • Planners, team leaders, work planners and executive employees


  • Optimal staffing, scheduling of preventive and corrective work
  • High asset availability, short downtime due to efficient planning of work
  • Insight into supply and demand, structured deployment of employees and subcontractors
  • Real-time monitoring of the activities possible through integration with mobile apps
  • Optimal service
  • Balanced effort and more revenue, doing more with less travel time
  • Excellent service, employees with the right skills are deployed


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