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Customer experience is high on the agenda of every company because it is a distinctive differentiator in the market. It’s important to increase the Customer Life Cycle Value or CLV. Customers expect an increasingly higher service level from organisations. But what exactly should you do?

24/7 accessibility for the customer

Customers assume that they can contact your company 24/7. They want to do this via all new means of communication and in all possible places. They also expect consistent service across those different channels.

First-time-fix rate

If the customer cannot be helped online, he or she expects to be involved in setting a service appointment. The customer wants to have a choice about when someone comes by so that they can also be at home. They also want the technician to solve the problem in one go without having to come back. Nothing is more annoying than staying home all day for a technician only to discover he/she does not have the right tools or materials available to solve the problem in one go.

Digital workplace technician

The aforementioned issues place high demands on your service team. The technician with the right skills, with the right spare part, and at the nearest location should be sent to the customer. In a world where technically trained people are already scarce, this is quite a challenge. The planner must be able to schedule the technicians efficiently via the digital planning board. In addition, the technician must have access to the correct customer information via a mobile device.

Service management at Ideo

Since 1998, Ideo has focused on service management. We are able to put your objectives regarding customer experience and motivated technicians into action. Ideo has a history in this field that goes back to the emergence of mobile solutions and digital planning boards. We are also at the forefront of the new intelligent solutions that SAP Service Cloud and SAP Field Service Management offer.

The combination of understanding service management, from both a business and SAP IT perspective, makes Ideo unique in the market. And this gives you the advantage of achieving rapid success with limited financial risk.

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