A satisfied customer is characterised by the fact that the technician only has to visit once and fixes the problem as quickly as possible. Which aspects should you give proper attention to?

The digital workplace

The service technician must have the correct information to solve the problem. For this, he/she is equipped with a mobile device. They must have access to information about the customer, the problem and the current asset situation.

The digital planning board

The technician with the right skills must be assigned to the customer. In order to deploy service technicians efficiently, their availability and travel time must be taken into account, amongst other things. A digital planning board can automatically support the planner in this (resource scheduling).

An integrated order process

From intake to execution, the service technician must be supported with an efficient order process. The right actions with the right spare parts must be prepared. And the performance of the work must be easy to report back. Integration is crucial here.
Ideo supplies

Ideo, specialists in field service management

We have been implementing planning and mobile solutions for our customers for years. We have built up an in-depth knowledge of the best practices and all the variants thereof. This enables us to create the best solution for you.
Advantages / highlighted Increased service level
High first-time-fix rate
Efficient deployment of service technicians
Motivated service technicians


  • Salespeople
  • Work preparers
  • Planners
  • Controllers
  • Purchasers
  • Mechanics

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