The intelligent enterprise offers opportunities to work smarter by automating routine activities and by creating time for more intelligent tasks. In addition, it offers the possibility to expand products through servitisation. But what exactly does that mean?

Artificial intelligence (AI)

You can work smarter through the use of AI. Through machine learning and deep learning, a computer can take over repetitive and monotonous tasks and put its finger directly on the problem based on historical information.

Smart sensors (IoT) and big data

By equipping products with smart sensors that make a lot of real-time data available (big data), we can learn from customers and assets. This allows you to offer extra services on top of the product, with which you can help the customer even more.

Augmented reality

The scarcity of senior technicians often creates the need for more support in the field. One of the possible solutions for this is to equip service technicians with “smart glasses”. This means they have information readily available in their field of vision.

Ideo supplies

Ideo innovates with and for you

Ideo is familiar with the latest cutting-edge technologies. In addition, we have developed an implementation method to innovate responsibly and to be able to take the first steps.

Advantages / highlighted

  • Possibility of servitisation
  • Work smarter and increase work motivation


  • Service technicians
  • Product managers

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