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Is one of the following situations applicable to you?

  • Would you like to gain insight into your current processes?
  • Are you trying to optimise processes, but are you unsure of where to begin?
  • Are you thinking about a package selection, but are you not sure what it is you want?

Value Stream Mapping is the tool to provide you with answers

Value Stream Mapping is a tool which maps processes and analyses them. It is an interactive method in which your employees draw up a process, recognise chokepoints, and identify potential improvements. Knowledge of your processes can after all be found with the employees within your company.

Due to her integral knowledge of best practices, Ideo can assist you in facilitating a value stream mapping and to further develop it. Additionally, in applying our knowledge of service and maintenance we can make recommendations for optimisation of your processes and assist you in compiling requirements for your future process.


  • Processes are more transparent due to a department overarching approach.
  • The possibility to uniform existing processes.
  • A recognition of chokepoints and process optimisation.
  • Gaining acceptance within the organisation in carrying out the processes.