At different times in a business process information needs to be easily accessible. A customer on the phone needs to be helped quickly and accurately. A maintenance job needs to be prepared for an efficient and safe execution. Besides that, the systems also need to comply with different regulations and the quality of the information needs to be of the desired level.

Ideo offers solutions for managing documents, pictures, drawings, and dossiers and to integrate them in the business process. In other words, digital information in Office365 and SAP S/4HANA can work together seamlessly. This integration is realised with user-friendly screens which run on the interfaces by Microsoft and SAP Fiori.

Ideo has accumulated years of experience in information digitalisation, which allows them to quickly realise pre-configured solutions. Relevant information, such as safety instructions, designs, job instructions, and pictures can be accessed by different employees. They can be, for instance, backoffice employees or technicians in the field. Devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops are supported in this process.

Digital documents and dossier management in S/4HANA

In SAP, documents are automatically generated in the administrative process. Furthermore, this information can easily be requested elsewhere in the process. A dossier can be compiled out of different objects: requests, purchase orders, work orders, reports, material bills, pictures, email correspondence, signatures, etc.

Ideo has the perfect digital dossier solutions for multiple processes, such as the Asset Life Cycle dossier, business partner dossier, and Real Estate Life Cycle dossier. Naturally, these dossiers are fully integrated with SAP.

Integrating Office 365 with S/4HANA

Many companies struggle in bringing together these two giants: Microsoft and SAP. However, Ideo does not. Ideo can bring these worlds together, to ensure users can, depending on their preferences, access the same information from two sides.

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