ASPM Solution Package for service and maintenance organisations

The Asset Strategy and Performance Management Solution packages of Ideo for a fast implementation of ASPM. It gives you the opportunity to determine your high-risk assets and define the right maintenance strategy for your assets.

ASPM is part of the SAP Intelligence Asset Management suite which helps:

  • Improving the productivity and availably of your assets
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Reducing risks


Via the standard integration option data from your SAP EAM system can be made available in ASPM.

The benefits of Ideo’s ASPM Solution Package

Use the proven standard SAP ASPM Solution, the specially configured package and our years of expertise in Asset Management processes and systems.


  • The value of SAP ASPM is the completeness of functionality that is available, which is expanded and made available with each release.
  • As an element of the SAP Intelligent Asset management Suite, SAP ASPM enables companies to transform to an Intelligent Asset Management company.


  • The value of the template is the speed with which the functionality (based on Ideo best practices) can be implemented.
  • By having a clear focus on the functionality that is required for the organization and delivering the right information by a proven solution for the next phase.

SAP implementatie partner Ideo

  • The value is the knowledge and experience of Ideo (more than 20 years) in implementing SAP solutions to support service and maintenance processes.
  • Ideo’s primary focus is to organize and optimize service and maintenance processes.
Value proposition Ideo ASPM Solution Package



Rapid implementation of SAP ASPM through a preconfigured package

Fixed price

Best practices and standardized configuration result in a shorter deployment process and at a fixed price

Low risk

Fixed price, fixed scope and a partner with 20+ years of experience


A proven, user-friendly solution with high user adoption.


Ideal basis for further optimization of Asset Management Processes


ASPM offers different functionalities, according to your wishes, to implement the right maintenance strategy.

The most important functionalities are:

  • Risk & Criticality assessment
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Preventive Maintenance Review (PMR)


Identify Criticality of assets
Risk & Criticality x x
Maintenance Strategy Development
Preventive Maintenance Review x
SAP EAM integration
Technical objects (equipment / functional locations) x x

Lead time and prices

We offer a unique solution: Rapid Deployment Solution. We can implement ASPM safely and efficient in a very short time at a fixed price.

Implementation € 16k € 24k
Backend Integration
Identify Criticality of Assets x x
Perform assessments and define recommended actions based on FMEA or RCM x
Duration 7 weeks 11 weeks


Beside methods like FMEA and RCM, SAP ASPM also supports the RBI (Risk Based Inspection) method. This extension in the field of mechanical integrity is provided by AsInt. To be able to implement this solution at our customers Ideo and AsInt started a partnership.

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