FSM 360 Solution Packages for service or maintenance organisations

Do you want to put your customers at the heart of your service organisation?

Ideo FSM Customer 360 for the service process

Choose the Ideo FSM Customer 360 solution package, where the focus is mainly on Service Levels and interaction with the customer. This includes an optimal planning tool that takes qualifications, travel time of the technicians and other vital metrics into account.

Is management, maintenance and repair of your own assets the focus of your organisation?

Ideo FSM Asset 360 for the maintenance process

Choose the Ideo FSM Asset 360 solution package. With this solution, the focus is on the available asset information, such as asset, equipment, function and location data.

Backend integration options

Deploy FSM Customer360 and FSM Asset360 as standalone solutions or easily integrate them with the SAP backend. Choose from SAP ECC, S/4 HANA and SAP Service Cloud integration.

The benefits of FSM 360

Use the proven standard SAP FSM solution, the specially configured packages, and our many years of expertise in Field Service Management processes and systems.


  • Full functionality that is periodically extended.
  • Infrastructure management activities are handled via the cloud solution.
  • With this software, you have the flexibility to make changes according to the existing processes in your organisation.


  • Only focus on what your organisation needs. This guarantees quick implementation (service- or asset-driven).

SAP implementation partner, Ideo

  • More than 20 years of knowledge and experience in implementing specific SAP solutions.
  • Focus on organising and optimising (field) service and maintenance processes.
Value proposition Ideo FSM 360 Solution Packages



Quick and efficient SAP FSM 360 implementation through a predefined solution.

Fixed price

Our expertise and standardised configuration result in a shorter implementation process at a fixed price.

Low risk

Collaborate with an experienced partner with 20+ years of experience.


A proven, user-friendly solution with high user acceptance.


The ideal basis for further optimisation of (field) service and maintenance processes.

20 years of experience in service & asset management

Field Service Management

Rapid Deployment Solution


Both Ideo FSM Customer360 and Ideo FSM Asset360 offer full functionality for planners/work planners and technicians. In addition, they are specifically configured for customer-oriented or asset-driven organisations.

The standard function blocks of Ideo FSM 360 are used for both packages, but they are configured differently. These include:

  • The portal for logging a service call
  • The graphical planning board for the work planner/planner
  • The mobile app for the technicians


FSM Customer360 FSM Asset 360
Intake: Service Call Management x x x x
Dashboarding: Operational Report x x x x
Triggers: Customer Service Portal x x
Checks: Confirmation Workflow x x
Planning Board
Planning: Dispatching Gant x x x x
Planning: Service Map x x
Planning: Automatic & Advanced Scheduling x x
Planning: Crowd Workforce x x
Mobile App
Mobile App: Work Order Management x x x x
Mobile App: Checklists & Forms x x x x
Backend Integration
Standalone x x x x

Lead time and prices

Thanks to our Rapid Deployment Solution, the implementation time of the standard SAP Field Service Management solution is shorter, and it’s always at a fixed price. Benefit from Ideo's best practices and expertise, and limit your investment in terms of time and money. No surprises afterward!

FSM Customer360 FSM Asset 360
Implementation € 23k € 32k € 18k € 24k
Backend Integration
SAP ECC € 20k
S/4HANA € 20k
SAP Service Cloud € 16k
Duration 6 - 8 weeks 8 - 12 weeks 6 - 8 weeks 8 - 12 weeks
Licenses € 140 user/month + 1000 € test tenant/month

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