Checking incoming invoices is an important process for every company as it prevents financial loss. At the same time, it is a repetitive and boring process. By automating this process, your employees can be deployed for other activities.

SAP Invoice Manager from XFT handles the reading, matching and financial booking of your incoming invoices. The manager can give approval anytime, anywhere via a mobile app. The invoice is eventually automatically archived.

Intelligent invoice matching & posting



  • Automatic scanning and indexing
  • Matching of invoice with order agreements
  • Automatic financial booking
  • Fast route through responsible approval via workflow
  • Easy approval via app
  • Automatic archiving in file


  • Purchaser
  • Accounts payable

Ideo creates joy through automatic purchase invoice matching

Ideo is happy to help you automate this business process. We realise better than anyone that employee motivation can be increased by eliminating monotonous work. Do you have questions about this solution? We are happy to help you.

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